Irmo Band History

Irmo High School has a rich band program history dating back multiple decades. 

Since the 60's the program has been under the head direction of:

Lavonne Bazemore Tim Franklin, Bruce Dinkins, Ken Turner, Duane Minnick, David Woodard, Travis Coakley, Roger Simpson, and Hannah Redd. 

The program has won a gold medal at the South Carolina Marching Band State Championships 11 times since 1991. During this period the band also performed as finalists in the Bands of America Grand Nationals Competition. 

Notably, in 1991 and 1996, the Irmo Band won the The Albert J Castronovo Esprit de Corp Award. The Esprit de Corps Award is a special award presented at the Bands of America Grand National Competition. All bands participating in the Grand Nationals are eligible to receive the award regardless of their scores in the competition. The group that most exhibits pride, spirit, enthusiasm, friendliness, camaraderie, and unity of purpose for the marching band activity is selected to receive the award.

Since then, the Irmo band program has included Epsrit de Corp as one of it's four main core values, alongside Excellence, Innovation, and Tradition.

1996 Irmo High School Marching Band, Katchaturian Paradium

Director of Bands, Bruce Dinkins

Past Shows   (expand below)

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2011 | Immortal

2012 | Science

2013 | Off The Path

2014 | Design

2015 | Red

2016 | Secret Society

2017 | To the Pointe

2018 | We're All Mad Here

2019 | It's About Time

2021 | One Small Step

2022 | A Masterpiece in Harmony